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JLLC DemsaGroup
Savieckaja 7-17 Grodno Belarus


Web Design Studios
Grodno Belarus
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  • 5 reasons to build your own website:
    1. Support and promote the image of the company. In our century - the century of information technologies have a website on the internet is akin to the office, and the company without an office is not serious and is not solid, not to mention the fact that it is unlikely for such a company can say at least something positive. Creation of the company's own offices in the World Wide Web - is to support the image of the firm, and says that the company keeps pace with the more

    Clothing Store

    ISTANBUL FASHION HOUSE offers a range of casual wear for men and women. Stylish without losing relevance and functional clothing in the style of casual, suitable for all situations. Reasonable balance between quality and price.
    Our values​​;
    • Simplicity : We build the best, simple and easy to care for clothing in the style of casual, emphasizing the individuality of the person and is not dominant over the individual.
    • Comfort : For the comfort of our customers, we use mostly natural fabrics and comfortable silhouettes.
    • Versatility : Our models are comfortable and can be easily combined with each other. We create clothes for all situations in life - work and school, stay at home and on the road, meeting with friends and walking, any time of day and in any weather.
    • Present : Our designers care about the unique style of buyers, developing a collection with modern fashion trends in design and materials.

    Our Stores :
    - Savieckaja 7
    Working Hours :
    10:30 - 20:30 (No dayoff) 

    -Horkaha Str. 91 Korona G-Zone: 143
    Working Hours :
    10:30 - 18:00 (Monday dayoff)

    Wholesale Turkish Fabric
    Catalog & Information

    Here you will find a wide selection of fabrics in Belarus, nice price and service that you'll love.
    Company JLLC "DemsaGroup" for many years successfully engaged in the sale of Turkish fabrics in Belarus .In the heart of our range of high quality fabrics for clothing made ​​from natural, artificial, synthetic and semi-synthetic fibers. All products have a Certificate of Conformity TC , which applies to the three states of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation and is delivered to you with all documents
    Here you can buy wholesale natural, synthetic and mixed fabrics: cotton, polyester, viscose, jersey, linen, silk and many other species. Regularly, new samples of textiles that meet the latest trends in the fashion world. We work with large brands such as Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius .We work and produce export to America, Europe, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. All your order we deliver in time and never let our customers. Familiarize yourself with our offer you can in the section "Catalog, can also see the catalog live in our office more



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    About Us
    & Job Offers

    We care of your Success...

    We work with our clients as we do with our colleagues. We build their capabilities and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity. We do this to help build internal support, get to real issues, and reach practical recommendations. We bring out the capabilities of clients to fully participate in the process and lead the ongoing work. - WE ARE FAMILY.

    Istanbul Fashion House "SALER" m/w

    Istanbul Fashion House is a store center of Grodno ,Republic of Belarus. All products are Turkish quality and fancy. We are looking for employee to work in our store sales positions...

    Work requirements;
    · Fashion lifestyle has made.
    · Merchandising aiming for a career in the field.
    · Dynamic, open to innovation.
    · Customer-oriented thinking, relying on service and sales skills.
    · Retail industry veteran.
    · At least high school graduate.

    Please fill up the "Employment Application Form"

    We will offer a fair compensation!
    Istanbul Fashion House
    JLLC DemsaGroup UNP : 192037040
    Savieckaja 7-17
    230025 Grodno ,Republic of Belarus

    DG Web Design Studios "WEB DEVOLOPMENT" m/w

    The DG Web Design Studios advertising manufactory is looking for new employees

    The DG Web Design Studios are an agency for Corporate Design and Brand Creation. This gives rise to unique design solutions that are characterized by aesthetics and intelligent function.
    About the conception, design, technology to efficient marketing tools - the advertising manufactory produces tailor everything from one source.

    We're working with shops and content management systems such as Magento and TYPO3 directly in the source code at conception, design and realization of high-quality online projects with many different clients on individual projects, all sectors carefully, at a high level, with attention to detail in direct coordination in contact with customers
    With us you can find continuing professional development and support exciting projects and customer contact ,Space for personal development individual personal care a nice little team
    Work requirements;
    - Excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, XML
    - Good knowledge in PHP and MySql
    - Good knowledge in Corel Draw, Photoshop
    - Good knowledge English Language
    - Solid basic understanding of mobile web applications
    - Performance and learning readiness
    - Teamwork
    - Determination
    - Flexibility Working Hours
    - Responsible and critical work

    Please fill up the "Employment Application Form"
    We will offer a fair compensation!
    DG Web Design Studios
    JLLC DemsaGroup UNP : 192037040
    Savieckaja 7-17
    230025 Grodno ,Republic of Belarus